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Solar Fencers

Saturday, April 13, 2024
Together with the Speedrite range, Koltec has now the largest range of solar fencers. We cover now every situation where a Solar Fencer is needed. Power range from 0,11 Joule stored energy up to 6,5 Joule.
Speedrite range​​​ The integrated solar fencers like the S80 up to the large S3500 are very handy and simple to install. The Koltec range solar fencers are sets based on a steel carry case with two carry handles. The steel is made of sendzimir plate. This is a plate with an alu-zinc coating which gives a very high corrosion resistance. With these sets you are free to choose e.g. your own battery. The sets are easy to re-place in mobile use due to the two carry handles. You can also split the fencer and the solar panel to be more flexible in creating anti theft positions.
The complete solar range makes it easy to choose a suitable solar fencer for every situation.